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westerling: Merry Christmas to all who have served and are currently serving. Stay Safe!!
22-Dec-2016 02:59:09
westerling: well, fall is here..reminds me of my time in AIT.
15-Nov-2016 04:47:44
westerling: hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July.
05-Jul-2016 10:36:00
masterblaster: 4th of July is almost here Yippeeeee Take That
27-Jun-2016 17:39:09
westerling: mmm..ahgt den..i normally eat my mustard and biscuits at 0500hrs darbs
30-Apr-2016 14:33:05
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Retreat on Vet Health Care Plan

MP News The Obama administration on Wednesday abandoned a controversial plan to make veterans use private insurance to pay for costly treatments of combat-related injuries.

Stung by the angry reaction to the proposal, the administration made the decision after a meeting between officials from
11 veterans advocacy groups and top White House officials

Read More Here

Posted by westerling on Thursday, March 19, 2009 (14:07:01) (2906 reads)
Army Investigates Troop Use in Alabama

MP News Slanted journalism? No where do I see the famous phrase for non MP folks reading this to go and research.

It is called Posse Comitatus or US Code TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 67 > ยง 1385.

The Army said Wednesday it opened an inquiry into whether federal laws were broken when nearly two dozen Soldiers were sent to a south Alabama town after 11 people died in a shooting spree last week.

State officials said the deployment of 22 military police officers and the provost marshal from Fort Rucker was requested neither by Republican Gov. Bob Riley nor the White House, which typically is required by law for Soldiers to operate on U.S. soil.

Read More

So was it 23 or two dozen soldiers? In my world that does make a difference.
Can anyone say Katrina....Oh that was different...
Still a police action in my mind. Borders? Time for a change of federal law?

Posted by westerling on Thursday, March 19, 2009 (13:50:06) (3831 reads)
93 Pages of Hacked Accounts? Is Yours One?

MP News 93 Pages of hacked accounts? Is Yours One?
There is one and a quite a few .mil accounts listed.
This listed was discovered last month during a Sydney Morning Herald fraud investigation.
Almost 23 out of the 93 pages are Yahoo accounts.

Check for yours HERE.

Posted by westerling on Thursday, October 09, 2008 (22:36:38) (2960 reads)
Warrior Police Challenge 2008

MP News

jababnmp wrote:
USAMPS hosted the Warrior Police Challenge last week here at Fort Leonard Wood. Here are the results;

The MP Corps Regiment held a very successful Warrior Police Challenge (formerly called Warfighter) last week. I wanted to pass on the results so we all know who has bragging rights for the next year. The Challenge consisted of 9 events and at the award ceremony each event winner was recognized as well as the 1st, 2d, and 3d place overall. We had 29 teams compete, 23 active and 6 reserve component.

1st Place- Team 21, 503d MP Bn (Abn), Ft Bragg, NC
2d Place- Team 15, 720th MP Bn, Ft Hood, TX
3d Place- Team 14, 289th MP Co, Ft Myer, VA

Event 1 Physical Fitness Assessment- Team 21, 503d MP Bn (Abn), Ft Bragg, NC
Event 2 Obstacle Course- Team 8, 705th MP Bn, Ft Leavenworth, KS
Event 3 Law and Order- Team 1, 508th MP Bn, Ft Lewis, WA
Event 4 Field Craft- Team 24, 25th ID, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
Event 5 M9/M4 Weapons Proficiency- Team 12, 342d MP Bn, Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Event 6 Live Fire Shoot House- Team 21, 503d MP Bn (Abn), Ft Bragg, NC
Event 7 Team Weapons Proficiency- Team 22, 709th MP Bn, Grafenwoehr, GE
Event 8 Written Examination- Team 15, 720th MP Bn, Ft Hood, TX
Event 9 Endurance March- Team 15, 720th MP Bn, Ft Hood, TX

MPRA SSG Timothy Nien Award- awarded to team that best demonstrates the drive and determination to overcome any obstacles- Team 3, 724th MP Bn, Ft Lauderdale, FL. Team 3 trained and redeployed from Afghanistan for the competition and was the top placing reserve component team which included a 2d place in the shoothouse event.

Challenge pictures, video, and the briefings from the Strategic leaders Forum will be posted on the AKO USAMPS site. Please share these results and our thanks with all of the leaders that made this happen. Thanks you all for your great support of this event and our MP Corps Regiment.

CSM Jeff Butler
Military Police Regimental Command Sergeant Major

Posted by westerling on Saturday, May 03, 2008 (00:07:38) (10801 reads)
Read More... (182 Bytes) |
Email Accounts and Our Website

MP News Sorry, but out here in the world of the Wild, Wild Web... in today's world... I have no other choice.
As we will not be a target and have our websites good name blacklisted as spammers or anything else.

If the email account you use at registration is initially rejected by our staff as invalid, our server or your email provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider) fails to respond or accept email from our servers (including your failing to activate your new account promptly) I will have no other choice but to delete your new account.

If your email address is valid and you do have concerns I suggest you contact the people you pay for email or internet service and ask why they are blocking email from our website.
The same applies to those of you paying good money for any software that may block our website as well.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but we have 6,000+ members who access this website just fine.

Posted by westerling on Saturday, May 03, 2008 (00:04:59) (2880 reads)
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